Stefan Hawlitschka


These pages are dedicated to pictures mostly taken in 2012 except the theatre shots and the shots of the musical war of the worlds which have been taken in January 2013. They cover two travels, one to southern Vietnam where I luckily met Loan Tran, who showed me exciting views while traveling with motorcycles. Insight to vietnamese life was given through homestays, where I even cooked together with our host. The other travel was visiting Sevilla, the Extremadura and the region of Alentejo, north of the Algarve by traveling in a convertible car. The sun was boiling our heads, nonetheless I was able to take some pictures. The ruin shots were taken in an abandoned "Chemiefrabrik" east of Berlin and some pictures were taken in an abandoned Hotel south of Bonn. The theatre shots are mostly scenes taken while performing or practicing. Thanks to Theater Hochroth, Theatre Bohemièn, Chattering Feet, Karla Schatzschneider and especially to Babette Dörmer.

I like:

Holiday home in Berlin

Interior design